In 1991 after three years of partnership, Prof. Ruhlmann took over the private Institute of Nuclear Medicine in Cassius’s Bastion in Bonn. He managed this Institute very successfully with strong focus on patients and quality. In 1994 Prof. Ruhlmann founded the first private PET Center (positron emission tomography) in Germany and developed the Bonn’s Model: The first close cooperation of a private institution with the University Hospital in Bonn.

Two years later in 1996 the services of Center were expanded and new MR Open-center was established. The next step of expansion was a construction of another building of MCB (Medizin Center Bonn) in Spessartstraße in 1997. With new building additional radiological and radiotherapeutic departments were opened in 1998. This allowed to continue cooperation with world-class doctors from different fields in order to develop best practices of diagnostics and treatment. The goal was the best possible medical and personal care for our patients in accordance with the latest medical and technical knowledge.

Also in 1998 took place the establishment of the radiopharmaceutical operation West German Cyclotron GmbH, which supplied the practice with required radiopharmaceuticals for PET examinations. This company belongs today to Eckert and Ziegler one of the best companies for isotope technology applications in medicine.

In 2003 Cassius Bastion, as one of the first in the whole Europe, has bought new generations PET/CT with advanced LSO crystals. The PET / CT became a real diagnostics game-changer and has evolved in professional circles very fast as a “gold standard” in oncological imaging.

Having the best doctors and technologies, the center continued to evolve. In 2006 a new dual-slice CT was installed in MCB as well as new upgrade for MRT with the latest components was made. Since 2006 the center officially was named as Medizin Center Bonn – Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum (MVZ).

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1989 – Prof. Dr. Dr. Ruhlmann became a partner in private Institute for nuclear medicine and took over its management two years later.

1994 – He founded the first private PET-Center (Positron emission tomography) in Germany and developed Bonn’s Model – cooperation between a private institute and a University’s clinic.

1996 – Founding of the MR-Open Center (open magnetic resonance tomography).

1998 – Commissioning of Medical Center Bonn with advanced radiological diagnostic equipment and the establishment of the radiopharmaceutical operation West German Cyclotron GmbH (now Eckert & Ziegler EURO-PET Köln / Bonn GmbH).

2003 – Purchasing of new generation PET/CT scanner (combination of Positron emission tomography and Computer tomography).

2006 — A foundation of Medizin Center Bonn – Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum.

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