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Health check-up

Comprehensive precaution for many more healthy years

People often only become aware that good health cannot be taken for granted when an illness throws their entire life plan off track.  The earlier diseases are diagnosed, the more effectively they can be treated. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your health:

We use effective and yet non-burdensome possibilities of modern medicine for early detection. The sensible combination of medical knowledge and technical examination procedures enables holistic preventive health care that provides you with comprehensive information about your current state of health. Should the need for action be identified, you can take react in time and receive treatment at an early stage, minimizing health risks or avoiding them altogether.

Our examinations are carefully coordinated to minimize wait times. During the entire check-up, you will receive individual care tailored to your particular needs and circumstance.

The program

The MCB offers you check-ups according to the latest medical standards. Following the examinations, we meet with you to discuss results, provide individual recommendations for further medical measures or necessary treatments and provide a presentation of any risk factors and related therapy concepts.
Please note that examinations in which X-rays or radioactive tracers are used are performed exclusively on the basis of a physician’s indication, taking into account the Radiation Protection and X-ray Ordinance. In this context, it is determined, taking into account alternative diagnostic procedures, whether the health benefits of the respective use of radiation outweigh the radiation risk.

If you are concerned about cancer or the preliminary consultation has revealed an increased risk, a PET/CT examination will be performed after the appropriate indication has been established. With the help of the precise imaging of this full-body examination, our physicians can detect even tiny metastases.

Ultrasound examinations of the abdomen and kidneys are other reliable diagnostic options available at MCB.

As the population ages, more and more people are suffering from dementia. By means of a PET/CT examination, we can detect degradation processes and circulatory disorders in the brain at an early stage.

In addition to PET/CT, we also use MRI examinations to assess, among other things, the risk of sudden stroke, even in younger people. MRI can visualize the blood vessels supplying the brain and depict arteriosclerotic vasoconstrictions and vascular malformations.

The exclusion or early detection of osteoporosis, i.e. the decrease in bone density, is important in order to avoid consequential damage. After an appropriate recommendation, a DPX examination (bone density measurement) can be performed.

In Germany, one in three people suffers from undetected thyroid disorders, which usually have far-reaching consequences for overall health. We inspect your thyroid gland looking for functional disorders or possible tumors by means of ultrasound examination.

Hormones play an important role in the unrestricted functioning of the body. If hormone balance is disturbed, this can have far-reaching effects on your health.

We perform a hormone analysis as part of the check-up and answer your questions related to hormone replacement, hormone therapies or also the targeted prevention of chronic diseases (anti-aging medicine). In addition, we perform tumor marker diagnostics.

We also determine individual laboratory parameters according to your medical history.

Procedure of the health check-up

1. Appointments

Youcan make them with us by phone or online.

2. Anamnesis and informative discussion

Our doctors conduct a detailed anamnesis discussion with you and establish your examination plan.

3. Examinations

Our professional staff performs the scheduled examinations.

4. Detailed discussion of results

Each check-up is followed by a detailed discussion of the results and findings.

5. Report of findings

You willreceive a detailed, bound report of findings containing all results, reports, therapy recommendations and images.