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Gamma camera examination

Efficient and accurate examination of the thyroid gland

At MCB, we use our digital small-field gamma camera in thyroid scintigraphy. The device provides information about the function and morphology of the thyroid gland with the help of eponymous gamma rays from a low-level radioactive tracer. The resulting two-dimensional images can be used to detect cold and hot nodules, tumors, inflammation, or hyper- or hypothyroidism.

Taking just a few minutes to complete, gamma camera examination provides accurate images to support an early and precise diagnosis so a more targeted therapy can be initiated sooner.

We offer you both thyroid scintigraphy as well as thyroid scintigraphy with MIBI. You can find more information about our examinations here.

Duration of examination

5 minutes

Areas of application

Endocrinology, Oncology

Health insurance benefit

Yes, with bank transfer

You will usually need to stop taking your thyroid medication on the day of your thyroid screening. When you make your appointment, our specialist staff will explain the procedure and tell you in detail what preparations you should make ahead of your examination.

Both statutory and private health insurance companies usually cover the costs of examinations if you have a corresponding referral from your referring physician.

Tried and tested over many years, examination with the gamma camera is a standard procedure for functional diagnostics of the thyroid gland. You simply sit comfortably in an upright position in front of the detector.

A digital small-field gamma camera assures you a fast examination yielding excellent results.